Vues anciennes
le haut de la ville :la rue Jacquet

la rue Jacquet et le château vers 1775

(coll. F.A.)
Au pied du château, la rue Jacquet et l'enceinte (.?) autour de la ville.
"I shall make but one step from thi» to Rochefort, ten miles farther on. The country continues the same, and the only thing remarkable is the magnificent construction of the road, which is borne across deep valleys, and cut through hills, in a manner more resembling the great works upon a principal railway line, than an untravelled road in a remote district. Rochefort gets its name from a castle on a height, the ruins of which are still considerable, and worth a visit; but its chief attraction is its containing the only decent inn within walking distance of the great caverns of Han"
( Chamber's Edimburg Journal, 1847)
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